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Teddy Bear Toss 101

Teddy Bear Toss 101

The Colorado Mammoth will open their season on Friday, November 29 at 7:30PM for the 3rd Annual Teddy Bear Toss at the Loud House versus the Saskatchewan Rush. After the Mammoth score their first goal of the second quarter, fans are encouraged to throw teddy bears onto the turf to be donated to locally based non-profit, A Precious Child, to give gifts to kids who may otherwise go without one during the holiday season. Over the past 2 seasons, over 5,000 teddy bears have hit the turf and been donated to A Precious Child!

Fans have a few different options when it comes to supplying their teddy bears for the toss.

  1. Bring your own bear!
    To keep a fun and safe environment, certain guidelines will be in place on the type of plush toys allowed into the Loud House. Please see the safety guidelines below.

    • No plush toys larger than 18”x18” will be allowed in the building (no exceptions).
    • No plush toys with battery packs
    • No plush toys with plastic/hard protruding items (i.e. nose/eyes)
    • No plush toys with plastic/hard accessories attached. All accessories should be attached (i.e. collars, shoes, etc.)
    • No plush toys with hard interior pieces (i.e. speakers)
    • A Precious Child needs new toys for their Precious Gift program

    *Any toy that does not meet these criteria will not be allowed inside Pepsi Center but will still be donated outside the building. All toys will go through the security process.

  2. Teddy Bear Pack is a limited quantity ticket package which includes a teddy bear for the toss! Get your Teddy Bear Pack here! Purchasers can pick up their teddy bear at section 140 on gameday!


  3. Altitude Authentics inside the arena will have a variety of plush toy options available for the toss.

The toss will occur after the Mammoth score their first goal of the second quarter. Until then, hold onto those bears! Once the goal is scored, fans are encouraged to throw their teddy bears onto the turf! If you cannot get your bear onto the field, please make sure to throw it in the direction of the field. If a bear lands near you before reaching the turf, please help the bear reach its destination on the turf!

The Mammoth look forward to hosting another successful Teddy Bear Toss with help from all the fans!

For any fan or Season Ticket Member sitting in the 100 level, please note that toys will be flying overhead. If you prefer not to participate, seek shelter on the concourse during the toss.

Tickets for the game are on sale now and can be purchased at With any questions about the toss or ticketing, please call 303.405.1101

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