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1st Season
  1. Hometown?
    • My hometown is Denver, CO
  2. What’s your favorite theme night and what’re you looking forward to about it?
    • My favorite theme night is Military Appreciation Night. I am looking forward to recognizing those who served for their service to our country!
  3. Favorite Mammoth player?
    • My favorite Mammoth player would be Evan Downey! Evan and his brother play lacrosse and were even on the same team together. Similar to the Downey’s, My sister and I both dance and I love being able to share what you love with the people you love!
  4. How many years have you been dancing?
    • I have been dancing/cheering for 17 years. I started dancing when I was 5 years old!
  5. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    • My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream.
  6. If money didn’t matter, what job would you want?
    • If money didn’t matter, it would be fun to be a food critic!
  7. Go to hype song?
    • My go-to hype song right now is On My Mama by Victoria Monet.
Colorado Mammoth Pro Lacrosse Team