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NLL Launch Playlist of Loud House’s Best Hits

Playlist features Loud House favorites

The National Lacrosse League has launched Spotify playlists for each NLL Team featuring some of the best hits that each team plays during games. The tunes range from songs featured during the introduction videos, hype videos, locker room favorites and beyond. The in-arena music during play is one of the many unique features within the NLL gameday experience and helps to build the unmatchable atmosphere at the Loud House and other arenas throughout the league.

To find the Mammoth playlist click here or search “NLL”, select ‘Playlists’ and scroll down until you find ‘NLL’. From there, you should be able to find each NLL team’s playlist, including the Mammoth playlist.

The songs coming from the Loud House will be familiar to its citizens. From pregame introductions, the Fire Riders, Wild Bunch routines from this season and popular Loud House hits, our list represents our team as much as our fans. We all cannot wait to be back to playing back in the Loud House.

Colorado Mammoth Pro Lacrosse Team