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Colorado Mammoth Celebrate Lacrosse Out Cancer Week July 27-31

March 20, 2020 was destined to be a day of reflection, discussion and most importantly, celebration, as the Colorado Mammoth were set to host the Calgary Roughnecks at the Loud House for the franchise’s 11th annual Lacrosse Out Cancer initiative.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the remainder of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) season, the team wasn’t able to celebrate the fight against cancer during this year’s Lacrosse Out Cancer game – But that won’t stop the organization from celebrating fans, coaches, players, staff members, medical professionals and beyond who have fought and helped conquer the fight against cancer.

The Mammoth will celebrate Lacrosse Out Cancer Week, presented by Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, from July 27 to 31 as the organization hosts a variety of celebratory and reflective activations while raising funds for Kroenke Sports Charities. Proceeds from the events will directly support programs which aid families and individuals in the greater Denver area who have been affected by cancer.

2020 Lacrosse Out Cancer Uniform Auction:

The organization will kick off Lacrosse Out Cancer Week, presented by Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, by offering the Mammoth loyal an opportunity to bid on the team’s unique 2020 Lacrosse Out Cancer uniforms. The historical kits offer an opportunity to reflect not only on the pause we’ve endured as a nation this year, but the endless time we take as a community in fighting cancer and supporting medical professionals, friends and family members who offer their care and support each and every year.

The auction is scheduled from July 27 to July 30 and will end at 8pm M.T. Fans interested in bidding on the team’s exclusive 2020 Lacrosse Out Cancer jersey, shorts or custom-designed helmets can bid online or via text through the Kroenke Charities auction platform by texting KSC to 76278 or visiting

  • During the 2018-19 season, the Mammoth debuted an innovative concept to its Lacrosse Out Cancer uniforms that allowed fans to place the name of a loved one on team jerseys in exchange for a small donation. Over the past two seasons, more than 350 unique names have been positioned on the uniforms. The initiative was an opportunity to get fans more involved while providing a forum of celebration for those who have fought or aided in the fight against cancer.
  • This season’s Lacrosse Out Cancer uniform displays the names of 150 people who have been affected by cancer. The names are featured throughout the Lacrosse Out Cancer jersey and along the sleeves and side panels of the shorts
  • The Lacrosse Out Cancer logo is featured on the backside of the uniform, just below the nape
  • Unique to this year’s uniform, a columbine flower has been placed on the shoulders of the jerseys. The columbine, Colorado’s state flower, conveys multiple meanings, including hope, love and faith, all of which are meaningful and represent the fight against cancer
  • The Lacrosse Out Cancer helmets were designed by patients from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, a tradition now in its fourth season, which showcases the children’s creativity and spirit
  • This year’s Lacrosse Out Cancer uniforms donned a black base jersey color in paying homage to the team’s first cancer awareness game: “Blackout Cancer Night” played March 26, 2010

2020 Lacrosse Out Cancer Roundtable Discussion:

The Colorado Mammoth are excited to host medical professionals and organizational representatives from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children this week to discuss a variety of topics in celebration of Lacrosse Out Cancer Week.

“The Lacrosse Out Cancer initiative helps bring awareness to cancer as a disease overall, but it also brings awareness to the individuals, the families, our community members that are fighting this disease,” Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children M.D. Jennifer Clark shared. “Partnered with an arena full of cheering fans, ringing bells and celebrating — or even in the hospital playing games and visiting, the project has been a glorious experience for many of our kids, and they’re always excited to share stories from the events.”

From favorite parts of the job and inspirational stories to memorable Kroenke Sports Charities events, Lacrosse Out Cancer involvement and beyond; Fans can stay tuned to Mammoth social media channels for some touching, behind-the-scenes interactions from one of the team’s biggest annual supporters of the Lacrosse Out Cancer initiative.

Looking Back to Celebrate the Future:

In celebrating the impact this year’s Lacrosse Out Cancer initiative has had on the Denver community while looking forward to the continued support the cause deserves, the organization asks Mammoth fans to submit photos of themselves and loved ones celebrating the fight against cancer. Whether it’s at the Loud House, at the top of a 14er, cuddled up in bed enjoying a movie or anywhere you fight, we want to see your support! Fans interested in sharing their photos are encouraged to tag Mammoth social media accounts throughout the week.

As we reflect on past celebrations and support of those fighting cancer, we’ll revisit a few events the Mammoth partnered with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children earlier this year in connecting with children and families fighting cancer.

The Mammoth hosted several children and their families at the Loud House on the morning of Jan. 25 for an exciting series of pregame events as several kids from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children were invited to take in a shootaround session while sitting glass-side at Pepsi Center. Despite fielding loose balls in the stands, waving to players and enjoying the arena to themselves, the children were tasked with one serious mission: designing and coloring helmet wraps that would be worn in-game on March 20. The children, ranging from ages 4 to 13, donned their creative hats and came up with some colorful, expressive designs. As an additional surprise, the children were given a tour of the team’s locker room and were invited onto the field after practice to observe the playing turf and log some shots on Mammoth goaltender Tyler Carlson.

“Positive attitudes are very important during this fight and I think it’s great when the kids are able to interact with the athletes and see that a good attitude can help them get to where they want to be,” Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Child Life Specialist Kara Hellums shared. “When our kids observe and interact with athletes that choose to work hard in order to become their best and overcome an obstacle, it helps the children make that choice to stay positive and put their best foot forward.”

While the helmet wrap designs couldn’t be debuted during the March 20 Lacrosse Out Cancer game, they were still implemented in the team’s uniforms and are available to be bid on via the team’s 2020 Lacrosse Out Cancer Uniform Auction.

A few weeks later, Mammoth goaltender Dillon Ward stopped by Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to surprise a few guests from the helmet wrap designing session and to make a few new friends. Touring throughout the hospital, Ward presented each child with some Mammoth merchandise; blankets, t-shirts, ski masks, teddy bears and beyond, providing an opportunity for him to connect with the children and discuss sports, hobbies and whatever was on their minds.

“If we’re able to come in and put a smile on these children’s face and try to help them forget about what they’re going through for a little bit, I think that’s awesome,” Mammoth goaltender Dillon Ward shared. “Each year we come here, you can see how special it is for these kids and their families and we look forward to every visit.”

Then, on March 3, Mammoth players Brett Craig, Warren Jeffrey, Jeff Wittig and Kyle Killen joined Wooly to raise the stakes and visit Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children for a competitive game night. This time, the children played host and seemed to clean up on victories in bag toss, video games and board games alike and enjoyed pizza, snacks and juice boxes to conclude the entertaining evening.

“It’s awesome for us to be able to interact with these children and hopefully put a smile on their face, give them a laugh and really just provide an opportunity for them to step aside from what’s going on in their lives,” Mammoth defenseman Brett Craig shared. “Seeing these kids smile, laugh and enjoy themselves bring a lot of light to our lives, and we’re happy to be involved.”

Mammoth fans can stay tuned to the website and social media channels as the team showcases these events from Lacrosse Out Cancer 2020 and celebrate those who have fought or aided someone who has fought against this terrible disease.

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